Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and staff of the Central Vermont Public Safety Authority include the following:

Dona Bate, Chair
Dona is a Montpelier City Council Member who was appointed to the CVPSA board in august of 2014. Dona operates her own business, dbate Speaking; where she is a speaker, trainer and facilitator. Dona brings five years of service to the public safety committee which studied the feasibility of this regional public safety authority, and which successfully advocated for its being chartered. Dona says, “regional services will benefit both residents and employees.” Her current term expires in March of 2023.

Douglas Hoyt, Vice Chair
Doug has been a resident of Montpelier for most of his life.  He is a retired Chief of Police serving for 26 years as Chief.  Upon retirement he also served as Chief of Police in other Vermont Departments as well as within the Department of Public Safety.  As Chief he instituted 911 and later E-911 services in Montpelier which then grew into a PSAP for the immediate area.  The Montpelier Police Department worked with area Fire and EMS agencies which grew into what is known today as Capital West, a major communications center for emergency services.  The efforts of CVPSA is a natural outgrowth of this past activity in communications and the goal of bringing that communication to the future of the wide community. Doug was appointed by the Montpelier City Council to the Board in March of 2021 to a term that expires in March of 2023.

Brent Householder, Secretary
As a resident of Montpelier, Brent was elected to an at-large board seat in March of 2021 by the voters of Montpelier and Barre. Originally from Ohio, Brent has experience assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of public safety organizations during his time working for the Ohio Auditor of State's Office. This work included analyzing public safety staffing levels, technology usage, and training protocols and comparing them to benchmarks and best practices. Additionally, he has experience compiling data in order to make value-added recommendations related to shared services. Brent believes that regional public safety dispatching would improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of these services. His current term expires March of 2024.

Kimberly Cheney
Kim is an Attorney living in Montpelier who was appointed in August 2015 as an at large member of the Board for a term that expired in March, 2016 and was subsequently elected in 2016 for a three year term ending in March of 2019. In March 2019, he was elected as an at-large member to a second term, which expires in March 2022. His service as Washington County State’s Attorney and Vermont Attorney General brings practical public safety experience to the board. He joined the Board saying: “Regionally managed public safety can bring communities to work together for the benefit of those who serve and those who are served.” He also serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU) and Vice Chair of the Montpelier Planning Commission.

Sally Dillon
Sally is a Capital Fire Mutual Aid System representative to CVPSA. Sally has been employed by the Vermont State Police as a dispatcher since 1983. Community involvement is important to her as can be seen by her commitment to the Waterbury Fire Department where she has been a member for 38 years and currently holds the rank of Battalion Chief. She is also a trustee for Waterbury Ambulance Service Inc. Her priority for CVPSA is to work towards safer, more reliable communication for the EMS and Fire agencies in Central Vermont.  

Paul Charron 
Paul was appointed to the Board by the Barre City Council. His current term expires March of 2023.

Jim Ward
Jim is one of the two appointed representatives for Barre City. He has been involved in Emergency Services, as a firefighter, EMT, or Ski Patroller for over fifty years, serving in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut. Presently, he is a member of the Barre City Fire Department call force and holds a Vermont level ll Fire Fighter certification. Jim is semi-retired now and devotes most his time to the development of a new firefighting product that he recently received a U.S. Patent on. He is exceedingly proud of the pioneering role he and his EMT generation played in the international evolvement of EMS. Jim feels extremely fortunate to have begun his Emergency Services career on Cape Cod, a national leader in progressive Fire Service and EMS systems. He want Central Vermont first responders to adopt such progressive procedures.  

Will Sutton
Will was appointed to the Board by the Capital Fire Mutual Aid System.

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