The Central Vermont Public Safety Authority (CVPSA) exists to enhance the safety and quality of life of the people of Barre and Montpelier (total population approximately 17,000) and improve dispatching service to Central Vermont fire departments. By combining the cities’ public safety resources into a single entity, the CVPSA’s intent is to provide more efficient and effective emergency response, as well as expand the education and training opportunities currently available to the men and women of public safety. The City of Barre is known as the “Granite Center of the World” and Montpelier is the state capital of Vermont. In 2014 the CVPSA became a reality. After several years of planning for a regional authority to provide more effective and efficient police, fire, emergency medical services and dispatching services, the Legislature authorized an organizational charter to bring it about (House Bill 892, 2014 legislative session). The proposal was signed into law by Governor Shumlin on May 20, 2014. Montpelier. Although CVPSA is a separate municipality, it is accountable to the voters of, and the City Councils of the “In an area of approximately 26,000 people and with the current pressures associated with finding qualified applicants and the competition for tax dollars the sharing of public safety resources makes sense”.
-Thomas Golonka, Chair CVPSA Board of Directors

The creation of an authority was approved by the voters of the Cities of Barre and Montpelier. Although CVPSA is a separate municipality, it is accountable to the voters of, and the City Councils, of the member towns to provide them with an affordable, integrated, efficient system of public safety (fire, police, ambulance, dispatch) that protects public welfare and provides rapid response with highly qualified personnel. The Authority has all the power and authority listed in 24 V.S.A § 4866 (union municipal districts).

What We Do

The Board of Directors of the CVPSA focuses on the planning and implementation strategies required to bring together the public safety services and functions of the Cities of Barre and Montpelier. They will become a governing body responsible for enhancing the public safety response to calls for service in Central Vermont. CVPSA will accomplish this by building a unified police, fire and EMS department.

Additional Information about CVPSA:

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